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Agrofood Poland

We are a modern and constantly developing company operating in the meat industry.

Our main area of service include trading meat products both in Poland and abroad. Our several years' experience combined with knowledge makes us very successful in pursuing our mission and our financial goals. We are dedicated to innovation.


We've structured our business to respond both to the customers and to the needs of their markets. We share a continuing commitment to provide our customers with safe, reliable and consistent services and products.

Over the years we have earned an enviable reputation in the food service industry through our knowledge, practical experience and hard work

Building exceptional trust between us and our clients and partners is something we take seriously. We know that in the long term it is one of the key elements of a successful business.

We are dedicated to progress and improvements. Our commitment to excellence is the back bone that supports our mission to be better and more competitive.

Agrofood Poland has been entered into the list of meat dealers of the State Veterinary Doctor at number 12106003.


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