Agrofood Poland

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Agrofood Poland

Offer of beef products.

Our suppliers and recipients are certified to ISO, BRC or EFSIS quality standards ensuring the quality of our products and services.

Our exports go to the European Union, third countries, and Far East.

1. Beef tenderloin without chain

2. Beef striploin, boneless, PAD

3. Topside, PAD

4. Knuckle, PAD

5. Silverside PAD

6. Heart of rump PAD

7. Eyeround, PAD

8. Entrecote

9. Shin, boneless

10. Boneless neck

11. Boneless chuck

12. Shoulder clod, PAD

13. Chuck tender, PAD

14. Shoulder blade, PAD

15. Thick flank, PAD

16. Flank steak, PAD

17. Beef brisket, boneless, PAD

18. Flank

19. Capa, boneless

20. Beef cubes 2x2x2

21. Minced meat 10%

22. Minced meat 18%

23. Beef trimmings 80/20

24. Beef trimmings 90/10

25. Beef trimmings 95/5

26. Beef trimmings IV

27. Beef meat 100%

28. Tail

29. Tongue swiss cut

30. FAT

31. Beef bones 5cm

32. Beef bones 10cm

Why we?

We offer a flexible and customer oriented service to meet client needs.

We are committed to provide the highest quality of services and products to our customers.

We provide business opportunities to our partners to establish long and steady relations.

We offer favorable payment terms to suit our customers' needs.

Timely deliveries with professional road and sea transportation ensuring 100% traceability.